Targus 3-Way Hydra DC Cable - Strømadapter - 15.9 cm - svart

Targus 3-Way Hydra DC Cable - Strømadapter - 15.9 cm - svart ACC1009EUX
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Forventet inn: 28.08.18
Lengde15.9 cm
Enhance the usability of your Targus powered docking stations with the Targus 3-Pin 3-Way Hydra DC Power Cable. Perfect for multi-user workspaces, hot-desking, and hotelier environments that support an array of different laptops, this dock accessory provides a universal hookup for up to three different devices, with no need to scramble for tips each time you connect.

The 3-Pin 3-Way Hydra DC Power Cable is simple to configure. Simply attach three power tips from the onboard supply and secure them with collars to ensure the tips will stay in place. Then connect the dock's power cable, add the collar, and twist to secure. Connect it to your docking station to power and charge your devices, and support different laptops without having to change out power tips.



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